Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution of TiO2/Graphene Sheets Composite
张晓艳 复旦大学材料科学系上海 200433 
李浩鹏 复旦大学材料科学系上海 200433 
崔晓莉 复旦大学材料科学系上海 200433 
摘要: 利用石墨粉根据Hummers氧化法制得氧化石墨,并进一步还原得到石墨烯。采用溶胶-凝胶法以钛酸四丁酯和石墨烯为起始材料制备了二氧化钛(TiO2)和石墨烯的复合光催化材料。研究了该复合材料在紫外-可见光以及可见光条件下的光催化分解水制氢活性。结果表明,紫外-可见光照射下,TiO2/石墨烯复合光催化材料的光催化分解水产氢速率为8.6 μmol·h-1,远大于同条件下商业P25的产氢速率 (4.5 μmol·h-1),光解水产氢活性提高了近2倍;可见光下光照3 h,TiO2/石墨烯复合材料的光催化分解水产氢量约为0.2 μmol。
关键词: 石墨烯  二氧化钛  光解水  产氢
Abstract: Graphene sheets (GSs) were prepared by reduction of graphite oxide (GO), which was obtained from oxidation of graphite powder by Hummers′ method. The composite of titanium dioxide/graphene sheets (TiO2/GSs) was synthesized using tetrabutyl titanate and GSs as the starting materials by a sol-gel method. The photocatalytic activity for hydrogen evolution of TiO2 /GSs was evaluated from water photo-splitting under ultraviolet-visible (UV-Vis) and visible light illumination, respectively. The results showed that the as-prepared TiO2 /GSs composite exhibited a hydrogen evolution rate of 8.6 μmol·h-1 under UV-Vis light irradiation, nearly two times larger than that of P25 (4.5 μmol·h-1). Total hydrogen amount about 0.2 μmol was observed within 3 h under visible light illumination for the as-prepared TiO2/GSs composite.
Keywords: graphene  TiO2  water photo-splitting  hydrogen production
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