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    2020  No.1 Table of Contents






Effect of Nitric Acid Activation Melamine Precursor on Structure and Visible-Light Photocatalytic Performance of g-C3N4--YE Shi-Xiong and SHU Qing[114]

Design and Construction of All-Solid Z-Scheme CdS/Au/Bi2MoO6 Heterostructure with Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance--GUO Li, ZHAO Qiang, ZHANG Yue-Cheng, ZHANG Yuan-Yuan, HAN Xuan-Xuan, ZHANG Kai-Lai, WANG Dan-Jun and FU Feng[72]

Preparation and High Electrocatalytic Activity for the Oxidation of Ethanol of PdAu Alloy Foam Films--LIU Jun, ZHOU Quan, XIE Jia-Qi and LI Rong[61]

Effect of Heat Treatment on Structure and Lithium Ion Storage Properties of N-Rich Carbon Nanofibers--WANG Jing-Jing, ZAHNG Jiang, WANG Jin-Yue, WANG Lu and LI Xuan-Ke[55]

Preparation by Co-precipitation Method and Photocatalytic Performances on the Degradation of Dyes of Ce3+-Doped Nano-ZnO--ZHONG Wei, XIA Ying-Fan, ZHAI Hang-Ling, GAO Yue, LI Shi-Hui and Lü Chun-Xin[53]

Mesoporous SBA-15 Rods Supported Pd3Cl Catalysts for Sonogashira C-C Coupling--HE Rong, YUN Ya-Pei, SUN Li-Li, SHENG Hong-Ting, DU Yuan-Xin, XIANG Dong, LI Peng, YUAN Xiao-You, ZHU Man-Zhou, HONG Xun and WU Yu-En[41]

Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of Co3V2O8/graphene Composite of Anode Material for Lithium Storage--ZHENG Hao, JIN Jia-Xin, CHENG Jing-Song, ZHAO Rong-Fei and LI Lin[51]

Hydrothermal Synthesis and Fluorescence Properties of AgInS2/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots--CHEN Ting, HU Xiao-Bo, XU Yan-Qiao, WANG Lian-Jun, JIANG Wan, JIANG Wei-Hui and XIE Zhi-Xiang[41]

Preparation of Long-Life Nickel-Rich and Cobalt-Free Layered LiNi0.75Mn0.25O2 Cathode Materials--BAN Li-Qing, BAI Xiang-Tao, ZHUANG Wei-Dong, LI Wen-Jin, HUANG Wei and LU Shi-Gang[53]

Effect of Sr and Fe Doped LaCoO3 on Catalytic Oxidation of Soot and Sulfur Resistance--WEI Wei, WU Ai-Chun, QIAO Zhi-Wei, LI Shu-Hua, LIANG Hong and PENG Feng[42]

A Highly Sensitive Ratiometric Fluorescence Probe for Zn2+ Detection in Living Cells--ZHANG Chang-Li, XU Jian, HUANG Fang, ZHAO Hai-Rong and CHEN Chang-Yun[115]

Prussian Blue Cathode Material: Preparation by Ion-Exchange Method and Electrochemical Potassium-Storage Performance--SUN Yun-Po, XIE Jian, ZHAO Xin-Bing, ZHUANG Da-Gao and ZHANG Gen-Lin[50]

High Expansion Rate Expanded Vermiculite: Preparation by Chemical-Microwave Method and the Adsorption Mechanism of Methylene Blue--XIE Yan-Yan, SUN Hong-Juan, PENG Tong-Jiang, LUO Li-Ming, TIAN Jing-Fei and QIN Ya-Ting[55]

Application of Self-Assembly of an Antenna Molecule with Porphyrin Dyes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells--JIA Hai-Lang, LI Shan-Shan, GONG Bing-Quan, GU Lei and GUAN Ming-Yun[42]

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Ni(Ⅱ)/Cu(Ⅱ)/Mn(Ⅲ) Complexes with Asymmetric Salen Ligand--ZHANG Qi-Long, WANG Jia-Zhong, YANG Xiao-Sheng and ZHU Bi-Xue[52]

Simultaneous Detection of Dopamine and Uric Acid Based on Chiral MOF and Acetylene Black Modified Electrode--FANG Zhi-Li, WANG Ping, LIU Sheng-Dong, WANG Xin, NIE Qi-Xiang, YANG Shao-Ming, XU Wen-Yuan and ZHOU Mei-Hua[43]

CFx-Ru Composite Cathode for Lithium Primary Battery with Significantly Improved Electrochemical Performance--ZHANG Ling-Xiao, ZHANG Li-Juan, XILI De-Ge and LI Fan[41]

Two Metal-Organic Frameworks Constructed by 1,3-Di(1H-imidazol-4-yl) Ligand: Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Photoluminescence Property--LIU Zhi-Qiang, WU Jun-Feng, CHEN Jun, WU Xia and WANG Yan[43]

Two 3D Pillar-Layered Homochiral Coordination Complexes: Syntheses, Structures and Properties--XU Zhong-Xuan, BAI Xue-Lei and MENG Qin[48]

Two Coordination Polymers Constructed by Aromatic Tetracarboxylic Acid: Luminescent and Magnetic Properties--ZHAI Li-Jun, ZHANG Jie, GAO Ling-Ling, GAO Ting, JIA Jiao-Jiao, NIU Yu-Lan and HU Tuo-Ping[48]

Syntheses, Structures and Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy of Two Diimine-Copper(Ⅰ)-Phosphine Complexes--ZHU Ning, PAN Xun, LIN Sen, YANG Yu-Ping, XIN Xiu-Lan, LI Zhong-Feng, ZHANG Fan and JIN Qiong-Hua[37]

Syntheses, Crystal Structures, Luminescent and Magnetic Properties of Two 1D Cadmium(Ⅱ) and Nickel(Ⅱ) Coordination Polymers--LI Yu, CHEN Yong-Xuan, ZHAO Na, FENG An-Sheng and ZOU Xun-Zhong[57]

Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry