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    2017  No.11 Table of Contents






Recent Progresses on the Photoexcitation Processes of Polymeric Carbon Nitride-Based Materials--WANG Hui, ZHANG Xiao-Dong and XIE Yi[75]

Two-Dimensional Semiconducting Materials and Devices: from Traditional Two-Dimensional Optoelectronic Materials to Graphdiyne--HUANG Yan-Min, YUAN Ming-Jian and LI Yu-Liang[51]

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems Based on Biominaralization--XIAO Yun and TANG Rui-Kang[30]

Metal Oxides and Modern Microelectronics: Roles of Transition Metal Compounds and their Conversion to the Materials--Tabitha M. Cook, Adam C. Lamb and XUE Zi-Ling[27]

Progress in Fluorescent Recognition and Sensing of Solvent and Small Organic Molecules Based on Metal-Organic Frameworks--LIU Zhi-Qiang, HUANG Yong-Qing and SUN Wei-Yin[46]

Recent Development on Synthesis and Application of Metal Nanocomposite Catalyst--XU Xing-Liang, LI Li-Ping, ZHANG Dan, WANG Yan and LI Guang-She[45]

Recent Progress of Crystalline and Porous Polymer-Metal Coordination Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties--YU Qi, CHEN Yao, ZHANG Zhen-Jie and CHENG Peng[37]


Phase Transitions of Two Coordination Polymers [MCl2(β-ala)]n (M=Co, Ni; β-ala=3-Aminopropionic Acid)--SU Yu-Jun, XU Ke, YUAN Wei, HUANG Rui-Kang, ZHANG Wei-Xiong and CHEN Xiao-Ming[32]

Near Infrared Luminescence Properties of the Complexes of ErxYb1-x(TPB)3Bath (x=0, 0.218, 0.799, 0.896, 0.987, 1)--ZHANG Qing-Rui, DENG Rui-Ping, LIU Ying-Bo, ZHOU Liang and ZHANG Hong-Jie[23]

Second-Harmonic Generation and Two-Photon Activity of MOFs Modified by Organic Cationic Dyes--HU Zhi-Yong, XU Sha-Sha, ZHANG Qiong, LI Sheng-Li, WU Jie-Ying and TIAN Yu-Peng[29]

Enhanced Dielectric and Ferroelectric Properties of Core-Shell Structure of SrTiO3/PVDF Composite Films Cross-Linked with Silane Coupling Agent--SUI Yan, ZHOU Kai-Hao, HUANG Jian-Gen, ZHU Ying, ZENG Gui-Bing and OUYANG Shu-Xia[19]

An eea Topological Metal-Organic Framework with High Methane Uptake--JI Qing-Yan, WANG Qian, LI Hong-Xin, XUE Dong-Xu and BAI Jun-Feng[27]

Platinum Nanoparticle-Decorated Porous Porphyrin-Based Metal-Organic Framework for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production--WANG Qiang, XU Rui, WANG Xu-Sheng, LIU Si-De, HUANG Yuan-Biao and CAO Rong[29]

Iron(Ⅱ) Complex Based on π-Conjugated 4-Tetrathiafulvalene-2,6-di(pyrazin-2-yl)pyridine Ligand--XIE Jia-Ze, WANG Da-Peng, MA Jian-Ping, WANG Hai-Ying and ZUO Jing-Lin[22]

Enhanced CO2 Sorption Performance of Metal-Organic Frameworks by in-Situ Hydrolysis of Tetrazine Moiety in the Ligand--QIAN Bin-Bin, ZHAO Meng, CHANG Ze and BU Xian-He[25]

Syntheses and Ferroelectric Properties of a Couple of Chiral Europium(Ⅲ) Complexes--LIU Jian, ZHANG Xiao-Peng and LI Cheng-Hui[20]

Interaction Mechanism Between AChE and 1, 7-Diazacarbazole Inhibitors Based on Molecular Dynamics Simulations--ZHAO Teng-Teng, YANG Xue-Yu, DONG Ke-Ke and ZHU Xiao-Lei[24]

5,6-Alkoxyl Protected and 3-/3,8-Triphenylamine Extended 1,10-Phenanthroline Derivatives and Their Selective Silver Ion Recognition--PENG Yu-Xin, GAN Yi-Tao, TAO Tao, QIAN Hui-Fen and HUANG Wei[18]

Formation of 2D Organic Templated Lanthanide Sulfates Induced by Second Structural Directing Agent--SHI Jie, CHENG Wei-Wei, ZHENG Lei and XU Yan[21]

Four Lanthanide-Organic Frameworks Built from 2,2'-Dinitro-4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylic Acid--FENG Shang-Fa, HE Xin, QIN Tao, ZHANG Shun-Lin and ZHU Dun-Ru[34]

Diruthenium-DMBA Bis-Alkynyl Compounds with Hetero-and Extended-Aryl Appendant: Preparation and Electrochemical Property--Susannah D. Banziger, Eileen C. Judkins, Matthias Zeller and Tong Ren[31]

Self-assembled Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposites of Tetrakis(4-N,N-diethylaminophenyl)Porphyrin/Polyacid (Sodium Polyacid) and Highly Sensitive Responses toward NO2--XING Chuan-Wang, LI Dong, LIU Cheng-Ben, KONG Xia, LI Xi-You, CHEN Yan-Li and JIANG Jian-Zhuang[16]

Pb7F12Br2: A Potential Mid-IR Nonlinear Optical Material with High Laser Damage Threshold--WANG Gang, LIU Hong-Ming, JIANG Xing-Xing, YANG Lei, LIN Zhe-Shuai, HU Zhang-Gui, MENG Xiang-Gao, CHEN Xing-Guo and QIN Jin-Gui[29]

Syntheses, Cycloaminocarbonylation and Amidination of Rare Earth o-Aminobenzamido Dianion Complexes Bearing Cyclopentadienyl Co-ligand--SUN Yan, LIU Rui-Ting, WENG Lin-Hong and ZHOU Xi-Geng[45]

Syntheses, Characterization and Optical Properties of Three Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Compounds Based on Metal Chlorides and Benzothiazole--LIU Qing WEI, Zhen-Hong, YU Hui, HAO Yan-Huan and CAI Hu[49]

Synthesis of Sulfur Doped Porous Carbon at Room Temperature for CO2 Adsorption--GUO Ning-Ning, WANG Yu, WANG Run-Wei, ZHANG Zong-Tao and QIU Shi-Lun[29]

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