Spectroscopic Properties of Tm3+/Er3+/Ho3+ Co-doped SiO2-Bi2O3-AlF3-BaF2 Glasses
厉宇翔 华东理工大学材料与工程学院, 上海 200237  
邓声玉 华东理工大学材料与工程学院, 上海 200237  
范亚蕾 华东理工大学材料与工程学院, 上海 200237  
王德强 华东理工大学材料与工程学院, 上海 200237 
摘要: 采用高温熔融法制备了Tm3+/Er3+/Ho3+共掺的铋硅酸盐50SiO2-40Bi2O3-5AlF3-5BaF2玻璃。研究了在808 nm激光器(Laser Diode)激发下Tm3+/Er3+/Ho3+共掺的铋硅酸盐在2 060 nm处的发光性能,同时测试及分析了该铋硅酸盐玻璃的差热特性、吸收光谱及荧光光谱。根据吸收光谱以及Judd-Oflet理论,计算了Ho3+的Judd-Oflet强度参数Ωtt=2,4,6)以及Tm3+/Er3+/Ho3+相应的吸收截面。铋硅酸盐玻璃中,Tm2O3、Er2O3和Ho2O3掺杂浓度分别为0.75%、1.0%和0.5%时,2 060 nm处Ho3+5I75I8发射峰强度达到最大。对Tm3+/Er3+/Ho3+3种离子的光谱性质和离子间可能存在的能量传递也做了分析。Ho3+在1 953 nm处的最大吸收截面σabs为9.08×10-21 cm2,在2 060 nm处的最大发射截面σem为1.168×10-20 cm2,辐射寿命τmea为2.75 ms,具有良好的增益效应σemτ(3.212×10-20 cm2·ms)。
关键词: 光学  2 μm发光  Tm3+  /Er3+  /Ho3+  共掺  铋硅酸盐玻璃
Abstract: The Tm3+, Er3+ and Ho3+ co-doped bismuth silicate glasses 50SiO2-40Bi2O3-5AlF3-5BaF2 were prepared by high-temperature melt-quenching method. The spectroscopic properties of Tm3+, Er3+ and Ho3+ co-doped bismuth silicate at 2 060 nm exited by 808 nm Laser Diode were investigated. Thermal stability of the glasses, absorption spectra and fluorescence spectra of the Tm3+, Er3+ and Ho3+ co-doped glass samples were measured. According to the absorption spectrum and Judd-Oflet theory, the Judd-Oflet intensity parameters of Ho3+ Ωt(t=2, 4, 6), absorption cross sections of Tm3+, Er3+ and Ho3+ were calculated, respectively. The measured fluorescence spectra manifest that the maximal emission intensity of Ho3+:5I75I8 at 2 060 nm can be achieved at the concentration of 0.75% Tm2O3, 1.0% Er2O3 and 0.5% Ho2O3 in bismuth silicate glasses. Besides the spectroscopic properties of Tm3+, Er3+ and Ho3+ separately and possible energy transfer mechanisms among Tm3+, Er3+ and Ho3+ were analyzed and discussed in detail. The maximal absorption and emission cross sections of Ho3+ are 9.08×10-21 cm2 at 1 953 nm and 1.168×10-20 cm2 at 2 060 nm, respectively, with a lifetime of 2.75 ms, while large σemτ achieved (3.212×10-20 cm2·ms) suggesting its efficient application in 2 μm fiber lasers.
Keywords: optics  2.0 μm emission  Tm3+  /Er3+  /Ho3+  co-doped  bismuth silicate glass
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