Electrochemical Performance of Li-rich Layered Cathode Material 0.6Li[Li1/3Mn2/3]O2·0.4LiNi5/12Mn5/12Co1/6O2 by ZrO2 Coating
黄继春 苏州大学物理与光电能源学部, 苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州 215006  
梅琳 苏州大学物理与光电能源学部, 苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州 215006  
马峥 苏州大学物理与光电能源学部, 苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州 215006  
朱贤雨 苏州大学物理与光电能源学部, 苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州 215006  
全景宾 苏州大学物理与光电能源学部, 苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州 215006  
李德成 苏州大学物理与光电能源学部, 苏州纳米科技协同创新中心, 苏州 215006 lidecheng@suda.edu.cn 
摘要: 采用喷雾干燥法合成了富锂层状氧化物正极材料0.6Li[Li1/3Mn2/3]O2·0.4LiNi5/12Mn5/12Co1/6O2(简称LNMCO),并使用Zr(CH3COO)4进行ZrO2的包覆改性。TEM测试结果显示纳米级的ZrO2颗粒附着在LNMCO的表面。包覆质量分数为1.5%的ZrO2包覆样品的首圈库伦效率和放电比容量有着显著提升,在室温下其首圈库伦效率和放电比容量(电流密度:20 mA·g-1,电压:2.0~4.8 V)分别为87.2%,279.3 mAh·g-1,而原样则为75.1%,224.1 mAh·g-1,循环100圈之后,1.5% ZrO2包覆样品的放电比容量为248.3 mAh·g-1,容量保持率为88.9%,高于原样的195.9 mAh·g-1和87.4%。
关键词: 锂离子电池  正极材料  富锂层状氧化物正极  氧化锆包覆
Abstract: Lithium-rich layered oxide materials 0.6Li[Li1/3Mn2/3]O2·0.4LiNi5/12Mn5/12Co1/6O2(named as LNMCO) have been prepared by spray-drying method and followed by high temperature annealed and surface coated with ZrO2.The TEM results show that the ZrO2 layer with nano size particles is located on the surface of the particles.The initial coulombic efficiencies and discharge capacities of the 0.6Li[Li1/3Mn2/3]O2·0.4LiNi5/12Mn5/12Co1/6O2 lithium-rich layered oxide material are largely improved by ZrO2 coating,and the value is 87.2%,279.3 mAh·g-1,compared to 75.1%,224.1 mAh·g-1,respectively,for the bare sample at the room temperature and at a current density of 20 mA·g-1 in the voltage range of 2.0 to 4.8 V when the content of ZrO2 is 1.5%.After 100 cycles,the 1.5% ZrO2-coated sample shows a high discharge capacity of 248.3 mAh·g-1 with a capacity retention of 88.9%,while the bare LNMCO presents a lower discharge capacity of 195.9 mAh·g-1 with a capacity retention of 87.4%.
Keywords: lithium-ion batteries  cathode material  lithium-rich layered oxide cathode  Zirconium oxide coating
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