Electrochemical Performance of SnS2/GCP (Graphene Composite Powder) Microcomposite as Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Battery
林健 大连海事大学, 大连 116026  
崔永福 大连海事大学, 大连 116026  
崔金龙 大连海事大学, 大连 116026 
文钟晟 大连海事大学, 大连 116026  
孙俊才 大连海事大学, 大连 116026 
摘要: 以石墨烯复合粉末为添加剂,采用一步水热法制备了一种SnS2/GCP微米复合材料。在所得到的复合材料中,SnS2纳米片相互缠绕组成多孔球状SnS2颗粒,石墨烯复合粉末均匀的包裹在球状SnS2颗粒表面。将所制备的SnS2/GCP微米复合材料用作锂离子电池负极材料测其电化学性能。结果显示,在0.1 A·g-1的电流密度下可逆比容量为795.6 mAh·g-1,循环100次后比容量损失不到1%。相比于SnS2其比容量和循环稳定性得到了明显改善,主要是由于石墨烯复合粉末的加入,不仅缓解了SnS2颗粒在充放电过程中的团聚和体积膨胀,而且还提高了SnS2颗粒的电导率。
关键词: 锂离子电池  二硫化锡  负极材料  石墨烯复合粉末
基金项目: 国家自然科学基金(No.51479019,21476035);中央高校基本科研业务费(No.3132016341)资助项目。
Abstract: SnS2/GCP (graphene composite powder) microcomposite was synthesized through a facile one-pot hydr-othermal method. Graphene composite powder was used as an additive in the SnS2 synthesis process. In the resulting SnS2/GCP microcomposites, the sphere-like SnS2 particles were made of several intertwining SnS2 nanosheets accompanied by the formation of many pores on the surface of it and GCP was homogeneously anchored on SnS2 particles. When tested as anode material for lithium-ion batteries, the SnS2/GCP microcompo-sites showed a larger specific capacity (795.6 mAh·g-1 at a current density of 0.1 A·g-1) and remarkable cycling stability (less than 1% capacity loss after 100 cycles) compared with pure SnS2. This superb energy storage performance could be mainly attributed to the existence of GCP that could not only prevent SnS2 particles from aggregating, but also mitigate the volume changes of SnS2 particles during charge/discharge cycle. Otherwise, the GCP could also ameliorate the electric conductivity of the SnS2 particles.
Keywords: lithium-ion battery  SnS2  anode material  graphene composite powder
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