Preparation and Characterization of AlF3 Coated Natural Graphite Anode Materials
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摘要: 以天然石墨为原料,通过机械高速分散设备将天然石墨和AlF3在液相介质中充分混合,混合液喷雾干燥后获得颗粒形态均匀分散的AlF3包覆天然石墨(NG)复合负极材料(AF/NG)。一方面AlF3包覆层有助于在天然石墨表面形成稳定的SEI膜,提升材料的循环稳定性;另一方面AlF3的引入改善了锂离子在天然石墨内外的迁移与扩散,提升复合材料的倍率性能,0.5C倍率下放电比容量达到278 mAh·g-1,同等倍率下比未包覆AlF3样品提高了78 mAh·g-1。合成工艺简单易管控,适合规模化商业生产。
关键词: AlF3  天然石墨  负极材料  锂离子电池
基金项目: 国家自然科学基金(No.)资助项目。
Abstract: AlF3 coated Natural graphite composite (AF/NG) was synthesized by high speed mechanical dispersion and spray drying with the natural graphite as raw material. On the one hand, a more stable SEI film can be formed with the help of AlF3, which promoting the cycle performance. on the other hand, the AlF3 can promote the diffusion of lithium ions between the particles, which is benefit to the rate capability. AF/NG delivered a reversible capacity more than 278 mAh·g-1 at 0.5C, with a capacity of 78 mAh·g-1 higher than the uncoated sample (NG). The synthetic process is easy to control which is suitable for large-scale commercial production.
Keywords: AlF3  natural graphite  anode material  lithium-ion battery
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