pH-Controlled Drug Release of Nitrogen Doped Carbon Dots Delivering Doxorubicine for Synergetic Photo-Thermal Therapy and Chemotherapy
杨正 安徽大学化学与化工学院, 现代生物制造协同创新中心, 合肥 230601  
谢安建 安徽大学化学与化工学院, 现代生物制造协同创新中心, 合肥 230601  
沈玉华 安徽大学化学与化工学院, 现代生物制造协同创新中心, 合肥 230601 
摘要: 提出一种利用氮掺杂碳点(N-CDs)的光热性能与化疗药物阿霉素(Dox)相结合的联合治疗肿瘤模式。实验结果标明,所制备的N-CDs的分散液经光照后升温可达10℃,是性能优异的光热剂。同时,载运Dox后的N-CDs-Dox纳米复合物还具有pH触发的药物控释作用。因此,这种多功能的N-CDs-Dox纳米复合物能够实现光热和化疗的协同作用,有效杀伤肿瘤细胞。
关键词: pH药物控释  抗肿瘤剂  氮掺杂碳点  药物载运  水热合成  光热治疗  化疗  协同作用
基金项目: 国家自然科学基金(No.21571002和No.21671001)和安徽省环境友好高分子材料重点实验室项目。
Abstract: A brand new treatment was reported to cure the cancer triumphantly using the combination of photo-thermal therapy inducing by nitrogen doped carbon dots (N-CDs) and chemotherapy of the doxorubicin (Dox). The experiment results demonstrated that the as-synthesized N-CDs had excellent photo-thermal effect inducing the temperature enhancement as high as about 10℃. Furthermore, the as-prepared N-CDs could load Dox availably and achieve a pH-controlled drug release. Thus, the multifunctional N-CDs-Dox nanocomposites could perform the synergetic effect of photo-thermal therapy and chemotherapy to tumor cells.
Keywords: pH-controlled drug release  antitumor agents  nitrogen doped carbon dots  drug deliver  hydrothermal synthesis  photo-thermal therapy  chemotherapy  synergistic effect
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