Effects of Cu doping on the structure and optical properties of Au11(dppf)4Cl2 nanocluster
周鹏 宁夏大学化学化工学院, 银川 750021  
蔡潇 南京大学化学化工学院, 南京 210023  
马清祥 宁夏大学化学化工学院, 银川 750021 
刘旭 南京大学化学化工学院, 南京 210023  
摘要: 通过一锅还原法成功制备了合金纳米团簇Au11-xCux(dppf)4Cl2(x=1、2;dppf=1,1'-双(二苯基膦)二茂铁)。晶体结构解析表明,合金团簇具有与 Au11(dppf)4Cl2类似的几何结构,如含有缺陷二十面体金属内核,不同之处在于 Cu原子取代了与 Cl配位的Au原子。因此,Au11-xCux(dppf)4Cl2可视为Cu对Au11(dppf)4Cl2模板团簇的掺杂。Cu原子的引入并未改变模板团簇Au11(dppf)4Cl2的框架结构,但有效调控了电子结构,进而使其光吸收发生红移。
关键词: 纳米团簇  金属  掺杂  结构  光吸收
基金项目: 国家自然科学基金项目(No.22101128)资助。
Abstract: An alloy nanocluster of Au11-xCux(dppf)4Cl2 (x=1, 2; dppf=1, 1'-bis(diphenylphosphine) ferrocene) was synthesized via a one -pot reduction method. X-ray crystallography shows that this nanocluster has a defective icosahedral core, which is analog to that of Au11(dppf)4Cl2. The difference lies in that Cu atoms replace the inner shell Au atoms that are coordinated with the Cl atom. Therefore, Au11-xCux(dppf)4Cl2 can be regarded as Cu-doped Au11(dppf)4Cl2. The introduction of Cu atoms exerts an influence on the electronic property of the template nanocluster with the structural framework maintained, further resulting in a red shift of the optical absorption.
Keywords: nanocluster  metal  doping  structure  optical absorption
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