Hydrogen Production from Formic Acid Decomposition Using AuPd and AgPd Dendritic Nanocatalysts
刘军 湖南化工职业技术学院, 制药与生物工程学院, 株洲 412000  
谢佳琦 湖南化工职业技术学院, 制药与生物工程学院, 株洲 412000  
吴新华 湖南化工职业技术学院, 制药与生物工程学院, 株洲 412000  
李容 湖南化工职业技术学院, 制药与生物工程学院, 株洲 412000  
兰立新 湖南化工职业技术学院, 制药与生物工程学院, 株洲 412000 
摘要: 由枝晶构成的AuPd和AgPd三维多孔泡沫薄膜在室温下分解甲酸制氢具有高催化活性。该高催化活性是由于纳米枝晶中存在大量的活性位点,如台阶、角、扭结、边缘以及合金间的电子效应。多孔泡沫膜除了具有较高的活性外,还具有其他优良的性能:在不需要有机添加剂的情况下,利用氢气泡模板法在Ti基板上可在5 min内快速沉积多孔泡沫催化剂,无需后处理便可用于催化甲酸分解制氢;通过将电沉积泡沫膜浸入或者拉出HCOOH+HCOONa溶液,可控制氢气的产生或停止;该泡沫催化剂通过去离子水清洗或者在H2SO4溶液中进行循环伏安扫描、干燥后就可活化重新使用。
关键词: 物理化学  催化剂  电沉积  甲酸分解  制氢  枝晶
基金项目: 湖南省自然科学基金(No.2018JJ5021)资助项目。
Abstract: Three-dimensional (3D) porous thin films of AuPd and AgPd foams comprised of nanodendrites possess superior catalytic activity for the production of high-quality H2 from formic acid decomposition at room temperature. The high catalytic activity was attributed to the presence of abundant active sites like steps, corners, kinks and edges in the nanodendrites, and to the electronic effect. Besides the high activity, there were some more advantages for the nanodendrtic alloy foam films. For example, the foam films could be quickly electrodeposited in 5 min on a Ti substrate utilizing the template of hydrogen bubbles without needing organic additives, and it could be used directly for the hydrogen production without post-treatments. The hydrogen production was easily controllable, and we could get hydrogen and stop hydrogen production just by immersing the electrodeposited foam film into and pulling it out of the solution of HCOOH+HCOONa. The foam films could also be easily reactivated either by drying after water cleaning or by potential cycling in H2SO4 solution.
Keywords: physicochemistry  catalyst  electrodeposition  formic acid decomposition  hydrogen production  dendrite
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